This We-Vibe Vibrator is Our New Favorite

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I don’t think you know what an orgasm is until you’ve tried sex toys. Hands, fingers, and other extremities will get you there, of course, with some added human connection, no less. But the work of a vibrator is just otherworldly. Regardless of if you have a vagina or a penis, you can’t deny that those sensations feel different. But there are so many vibrators on the market—how do you possibly choose one? As a sex writer, my recommendation is always something with a little versatility, and the coolest vibrator I got my hands on recently is from We-Vibe: the Touch X.


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Part sex toy, part skincare device, the We-Vibe has pretty much every other one beat in the area of intrigue. I tested it (for science) and am sharing my full review:


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Final Thoughts



Touch X Vibrator

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About the Vibrator


The Touch X vibrator is a petite, clitoral stimulation vibrator that isn’t meant to be inserted. It has eight intensity levels with seven different modes of vibration so you can play around and test what gets you there the best. You can use it on your own or easily with a partner due to its small design.

It’s rechargeable via USB, and you get 120 minutes of play for one charge. It’s also waterproof so you can easily bring it into the shower with you (and a partner!). Because it’s made of silicone, you can only use water-based lubes and other products with this vibrator.

One of the coolest features of the We-Vibe is that it has a travel lock. Ever brought your vibrator on a family trip and worried that throwing it in the backseat would turn it on, and the next thing you know, your little brother is asking why your suitcase is buzzing? (Just me?) Before tossing this vibe into your bag, turn on the travel lock so it won’t accidentally switch on. Genius.




The Touch X has every feature you want in a vibrator: the ease of charging, how long the battery lasts (I’ve used this over a handful of times now and haven’t even pulled the charger out of the box yet), the sleek design, the revolutionary travel lock, the varying intensities, that it’s waterproof—I mean, I could go on. Since I got this, I haven’t picked up another vibe. 


Source: We-Vibe




This is easily the quietest vibrator I’ve ever used. A lot of vibrators are really quiet when they’re pressed against your body, but the second you pull them away, they go haywire and wake every innocent bystander in your apartment complex. This one is quiet from the second you turn it on. This will officially be my travel vibrator because I don’t have to worry about it waking up my friends in the room next to mine or—god forbid—being heard by my sweet grandmother next door at the family holiday party.




What makes this vibrator so special is its versatility. If you only know me for my sex writing, my first love is beauty, and I spend the majority of my day working as The Everygirl’s beauty content manager. So when I heard this vibrator (already a fantastic vibrator that you can use in the shower, charge easily, and bring on vacation with no stress) could also be used as an extremely multifaceted skincare tool, my intrigue levels went up ten-fold. Due to the design of this vibrator, its soft silicone material, and its varying intensity levels, it’s also a great facial massager to sculpt, massage, and relax your face. I started using this in the mornings to massage in my eye cream (the tip is the perfect shape to fit under your eyes), and my under eyes look so much less puffy and my eyes look less tired. You can also use it as an overall facial massager with your serums; it helps those products penetrate better and is so relaxing.


Source: We-Vibe




There is something for everyone in this vibrator. The starting intensity is pretty low (which is what makes it great as an overall massager), but you can build it up to be quite intense. I’m not one for the extra patterns (just give me a classic vibration), but I like that the option is there, and I can see them being great for partner play.




This isn’t the cheapest vibrator in my collection, but I can look over the price because of how effective and versatile it is. If you want a really good vibrator that won’t ever let you down, sometimes you have to chalk up a little cash.


Final Thoughts



The We-Vibe Touch X is like the gold standard of vibrators. It has everything I’ve ever hoped for in a vibrator, and because I can use it as a fun skincare tool too, I’m using it more than I’ve ever used other vibrators. I recommend quite a few sex toys, but this is about to be my #1 rec for everyone, whether it’s your first vibe or 10th. Its versatility makes it a welcome addition to any collection, even my overflowing drawer. 


Touch X Vibrator

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How to Properly Clean Your Sex Toys




This post is sponsored by We-Vibe, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

The Best New September Skin-Care Launches to Add to Your Fall Routine

The Best New September SkinCare Launches to Make a Part of Your Routine

Allure/Clara Hendler

Fall is just around the bend, and if you're familiar with seasonal skin issues, then you know that customizing your skin-care routine to the changing weather is essential. Thankfully, there's still time to switch up your skin-care routine to nail it to align it with your current needs, or simply invite the best newness into your regimen. To help you out, we're sharing the new September skin-care products that we know you'll love. 

Changing your regimen up can feel scary. Is this serum worth the splurge? Do we really need another serum? And what the hell do all of these ingredients actually do? To help answer any and all questions you may have about what you should be using, we've tested and tried every product — moisturizers, cleansers, serums, masks, and more — that comes our way to help you make an informed decision.

You can count on us to keep you in the know about the skin-care launches that excite us and that we think will make you feel your best. This month, treat yourself to a new skin-care regimen with the latest products to hit both physical and virtual shelves — including a pumpkin spice latte-flavored lip balm and U Beauty's latest SPF innovation.

Be sure to check back weekly for new skin-care launches that are dropping this month. (Trust us, you don't want to miss out.)

All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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17 Easy, Good Habits That Will Change Your Life

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Who doesn’t love a good makeover movie? Princess Diaries: royally iconic. She’s All That: Freddie Prinze Jr. was our generation’s first love. Clueless: Brittany Murphy looked bangin’ (even though that was way harsh, Tai). But life isn’t a late ’90s rom-com, and it takes more than a pair of contacts and a hair straightener to transform your life. Luckily, we’re out of high school and we’ve got bigger issues than getting the quarterback to ask us to homecoming (he always turned out to be a douche anyway). 


The Best Labor Day Sales to Shop This Weekend

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Instead, we’re focused on how to be our best selves and be happier. That means getting healthier, being kinder to ourselves, and getting sh*t done (because we deserve to have it all). No, a new wardrobe and a popular BFF won’t change your life, but these 17 insanely easy, good habits just might. 


1. Make your bed

At the risk of sounding like your mom, please make your bed. Not only will it feel good to get into a made bed at night, but it’s important for the success of your day. Making your bed first thing every morning means one small win before you even have a cup of coffee, which subconsciously will motivate you to achieve thousands of small wins throughout the day (and you know what they say about small wins: they lead up to really big ones). Plus, Gretchen Rubin found in her research that it’s the easiest and most common daily habit you can do to boost happiness.


2. Organize to-do lists based on life goals

Making a to-do list is no revolutionary hack, but how are you setting priorities when you review what has to get done every day? Before making your next to-do list, ask yourself where you want to be in 5-10 years. Everything on your to-do list should be taking a step towards achieving these goals. For example, strategize business growth, spend 30 minutes taking an online class, or work out if your goal is to be more active. In other words, to-do lists of even the simplest tasks could have a long-term perspective.

Making your to-do list with goals in mind will show you where you should be spending time and where you can be spending less time. Of course, you’ll always have to do the mundane house chores or tedious tasks, but figure out where you can outsource these items, and prioritize what will get you closer to your goals first thing so you make sure to get it done (yes, that means a workout or the brainstorm meeting you’ve been putting off). 


Source: Ambitious Kitchen


3. Eat more leafy greens

Getting healthier is not always a dramatic transformation. In fact, it’s typically a series of small habits and minor additions to your diet that snowball into a healthier lifestyle that’s all-around better for you. Don’t focus on cutting out food groups or limiting what you can and cannot eat (that can lead to bingeing or an unhealthy relationship with food). Instead, focus on adding leafy greens to at least two meals a day. Add spinach to an omelet, throw kale in a pasta sauce, and order a side salad when you’re eating out. 


4. Give yourself deadlines

You know from college all-nighters and projects at work that if there’s a deadline you have to meet, you find a way to get it done. What makes an assignment our bosses give us or a paper for “Shakespeare 101” different from a personal goal is that we don’t usually have a deadline to motivate us to accomplish it by a certain time. No matter how small or specific (like replacing your old couch, making friends with a coworker, establishing an emergency fund, or running three miles), give yourself a specific and realistic deadline. 

If you’re still having trouble sticking to goals because you know your deadlines are “flexible” when you’re the one setting them, sign up for a marathon, announce the launch of your side project or business with a release date, or let a friend or family member know your deadline so they hold you accountable.


Source: @charmedbycamille


5. Instead of taking a social media break, get up and move

You know it, you love it, you depend on it: the momentary pause from uninterrupted work to take a quick scroll through social media. At this point, opening Instagram might feel like second nature when you just finished one task and need a refresh before moving on to the next. But instead of scrolling through Instagram, checking Snapchat, or refreshing TikTok, get up and move your body to refresh yourself in between work tasks. A few jumping jacks, a mini dance party, a yoga flow, or just some stretches are enough to energize your body, reset your mind, and will help you focus better for the rest of the day. 


6. Read more

I’m the queen of excuses when it comes to reading more often. “I’m too tired,” “I don’t have any new books,” and “How am I expected to do anything else in my free time when all six seasons of Sex and the City are on Hulu!?” are excuses I use on a regular basis. But reading is not only enjoyable; it’s good for you. Whether it’s winding down before bed, taking a break in the afternoon, or as the ritual that you look forward to when starting your day, fit in some more time to read. As for what to read? Start with inspiring books, books to educate yourself, or enjoyable books that should be on your summer reading list. 


Source: @twentysomethingplus


7. Say “thank you” instead of “I’m sorry”

I have a terrible habit of saying “sorry” all the time. I say “sorry” when I need someone to repeat what they said or I bump into a stranger, and I apologize profusely for being late or making a mistake. While “sorry” is just a word, language can affect the way we think and feel about ourselves, and women, in particular, are taught to be polite by putting themselves down. Instead of “sorry,” make a conscious effort to say “thank you” instead.

“Thank you for being patient!” instead of, “Sorry for being late!” is another way to practice gratitude, but it’s also a consistent way to be kinder to yourself. BTW, saying sorry in relationships is crucial when you made a mistake or hurt the other person’s feelings, but showing gratitude can be even more important.


8. Tidy up your space before bed

I know, I know: the last thing you want to do at the end of a long day is clean (the horror!). But dishes in the sink or laundry piled on the chair (we all have that one chair), can prevent us from feeling fully relaxed while going to bed at night or might make us more stressed starting the next day. Clutter in your space can translate into clutter in your mind, so dedicate five extra minutes before bed to run the dishwasher, wipe off kitchen counters, and declutter any papers or laundry that has piled up in the bedroom. A less cluttered bedroom can help you sleep at night, while a clean kitchen can make you happier the next morning. 


Source: @homeyohmy


9. Sit up straight

Bad news for all the other slouchers out there: your posture might be affecting your physical and mental health. Practice better posture for overall health by straightening your back and relaxing your shoulders (and stop looking down at your phone while you’re at it!). Did you sit up taller just now? Good. Start consistently working on improving posture throughout your workday. If you want to be as extra as I am, you can also try setting reminders through phone alerts or sticky notes around your apartment, or you can set a note as your phone wallpaper to remind you to correct your posture whenever you check the time or read a text message.


10. Take the stairs or walk extra steps

Taking the stairs instead of the escalator or parking a bit further away from the grocery store will add up. If your schedule is so packed that fitting in a workout is causing you more stress, it might be hurting your health instead of improving it. It’s time we stop thinking of “exercise” as an hour-long HIIT class and make it about living more actively by moving whenever we can. As a rule of thumb, moving more often than you sit will make a big difference in your overall health and wellbeing.


Source: @chrissyford


11. Say “no” when you mean no

How often do you avoid saying “no” when you want to? Do you find yourself doing favors for others when you’re already stretched too thin? Do you pick up work for coworkers when you’re too busy, say yes to plans you’re not excited about, or hang out with friends to avoid FOMO (even though you want a chill night in)? One of the most powerful things you can do for yourself is to say what you mean and be true to what you need. Master the art of saying “no.” Say, “I’d love to help you, but I can’t give the time and effort to this task that it deserves,” and “I need a night by myself tonight, but let’s get coffee this weekend,” whenever you feel the need to please. 


12. Manage your money based on what brings you joy

Listen, I’m the last person who should be giving financial advice. As a self-proclaimed “creative,” I never even thought about taking a business course in college, and the extent of my money knowledge upon graduation was how to budget for Starbucks. But one piece of financial advice really clicked for me: money is your life’s energy. I started understanding money in a different way when I realized money was just an exchange of value for the effort and energy we’re giving about 40 hours every single week.

So be thoughtful about how you want to spend your life’s energy; does it really bring you joy to go to drinks with that friend you don’t have fun with or to buy the top you’ll never end up wearing? Managing your money based on what does and doesn’t bring you joy will reduce stress that comes with spending money on the vacations, items, and experiences that you truly love. Also, invest in yourself: get the gym membership, purchase that online course, and open a savings account. The more money you put into something, the more likely you are to keep it up as a habit. 


Source: @thelittletembo


13. Mute (or unfollow) most social media accounts

You may be the sum of the five people you spend your time with, but you’re also the sum of the five people you consume on Instagram. Unfollow or mute all the accounts that do not make you feel inspired, happy, or confident, and then crowd out the accounts that aren’t serving you with accounts that inspire you. Follow other women whose careers you admire, and find accounts that will bring you positivity whenever you are tempted to scroll (like, I don’t know, @theeverygirl, for a totally random example).  

Also, rethink whether the bloggers, celebs, and brands you follow are providing you with inspiring content, or if their posts just make you feel bad about where you are in life. Likewise, it’s time to mute or unfollow that frenemy you had in high school or your sorority sister’s ex-boyfriend’s cousin that you met a few times. Instead of watching other people’s lives, go live your own. 


14. Get more sleep

Easier said than done, right? But don’t worry: even though it might feel like getting more sleep is impossible, it’s a habit just like anything else. Detox your sleep routine, try some of our favorite products, or stop looking at your damn phone to fit in a little more (quality) beauty sleep. You can also try getting to bed just five minutes earlier than the night before until you wake up feeling refreshed and energized instead of zombie-like. Also, let’s all stop hitting the snooze button, OK? It’s only confusing the body, and if you’re going to sleep early enough (curse you, Netflix!), you should be waking up naturally and easily. 


Source: @missenocha


15. Donate $5 to a new organization or charity every month

It may sound counterintuitive to spend money more often if you’re like me and your bank account is a constant source of stress. However, feeling a lack of something (whether it’s time, love, or money) is all mental, no matter what. It’s a cliché glass-half-empty situation; realizing you have enough water (or money) to give some away will show you the glass is half-full instead. 

But more important than even our own finances is what we can do to help other people. Compassion, support, and empathy should be a part of our routines, just like brushing our teeth or doing a load of laundry. Take the time to educate yourself on organizations and charities that need your help, and then donate what you can regularly (FYI, even the price of one latte can make a difference). 


16. Set your alarm a few minutes earlier than you need to

If your mornings feel more like a race against the clock or an episode of Chopped, consider waking up extra early to have a slow, calm start to your day. You might have limited control over your mornings (like an early work start time or a child to take care of), so waking up just 10-15 minutes earlier than you need to will help you feel more in control and calmer throughout the entire day. Whether you spend your time meditating, indulging in a luxurious skincare routine, or just brewing a cup of coffee with a moment of silence, you will not miss the 10 minutes of extra sleep. 


Source: Sassy Red Lipstick


17. Limit your decision making

We make a lot of decisions every single day, even just within the first few minutes of waking up: whether or not to hit snooze, what to wear (which is approximately 100 different decisions), when to turn on the coffee pot, to be or not to be (that is the question–especially when you didn’t get enough sleep last night). The little decisions add up to be overwhelming. Decision fatigue is a real thing, and it’s why we opt for pizza delivery instead of cooking at the end of a long day or forego the workout altogether if we have to think about which time slot works best.

To keep up with healthy habits, limit decision making as much as possible and reduce decision fatigue. Meal prep all your lunches, sign up for workout classes in advance (or put a workout in your calendar so you can’t skip it), and try a go-to outfit formula so you don’t have to think about what to wear. The purpose of forming habits is so you don’t have to think about whether or not to wake up earlier, go to bed sooner, or do the dishes after dinner; you do it because there’s no option not to. 


What habits have changed your life the most?

14 Fall Recipes You Can Meal Prep This Week

Source: Love & Lemons

The tomatoes and sweet corn of August are making way for the brussels sprouts, winter squash, apples, and cranberries of fall. It’s that time of year when you crave something a little warmer, a bit cozier, and a smidge heavier than you do during the warm weather months of the summer when fresh, light flavors are far more crave-able. Casseroles, roasted veggies, soups, stews, chilis, tray bakes, braises, and the like all take center stage as the weather gets cooler and the days get shorter. But just as during the long summer days when fun seems like it’s right around the corner at all times, time is still of the essence. Between work, errands, maintaining a social life, and soaking up the crisp fall days ahead, there is still precious little time to spend at your stove. You want fall recipes that will really work for you.


The Best Labor Day Sales to Shop This Weekend

so many amazing deals 🛍️

Luckily, these recipes give you that taste of the season that you’re after but are easy to prep or make ahead, so you can spend more time watching football, peeping fall foliage, drinking cider and toddies, and eating all things pumpkin.


1. Squash & Crispy Kale Bowls with Pomegranate and Miso-Ginger Dressing 

Source: Top With Cinnamon


2. Maple Dijon Chicken Thigh Meal Prep

Source: Budget Bytes


3. Chicken Chili Verde

Source: What’s Gaby Cooking


4. Butternut Squash Pasta with Chili Oil, Feta, and Mint

Source: Love & Lemons


5. Roasted Vegetable Bowls With Green Tahini

Source: Pinch of Yum


6. Vegetarian Enchiladas With Butternut Squash and Black Beans

Source: by Erin Clarke of Well Plated


7. Fall Panzanella Salad

Source: Two Peas & Their Pod


8. Healthy Sheet Pan Sausage and Veggies

Source: Isabel Eats


9. Apple Sage Turkey Meatballs

Source: Lexi’s Clean Kitchen


10. Healthy Sweet Potato, Black Bean, and Avocado Breakfast Burritos

Source: Ambitious Kitchen


11. Roasted Harvest Bowls With Apple Cider Dressing

Source: Eating Bird Food


12. Apple Kale Quinoa Salad With Pumpkin Turmeric Dressing

Source: As Easy As Apple Pie


13. Cherry Lentil Turkey Sausage Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Source: Running to the Kitchen


14. Chili Stuffed Acorn Squash

Source: The View From Great Island



A TikTok User Made a Solid Case for Using a Hyaluronic Acid Skin-Care Serum in Your Hair

Woman applying serum in a dropper to her hairGetty Images

All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

The concept of hyaluronic acid in hair-care products isn't a new one. According to cosmetic chemist David Petrillo, when it shows up in shampoos and conditioners, hyaluronic acid binds to the strands and follicles encourage a smoother look and feel and help prevent breakage. But using a straight-up hyaluronic acid serum intended for the skin seems a little strange, no? Not to mention potentially wasteful if it's not effective. But that didn't stop one TikTok user from experimenting and sharing her results with what has become an audience of hundreds of thousands of viewers.

On August 29, Kaitlyn Boyer posted a video with the caption, "Saw a TikTok that said hair oil doesn't moisturize your hair, only water can. So I tried Hyaluronic Acid!" In the clip, we see her dry-looking blonde ends before she wets her hair and applies The Ordinary's Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5. The $7 skin-care serum is made with a mixture of different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid — not to mention vitamin B5 — to help replenish moisture and support the skin barrier. 

Boyer says she felt a "major difference" after just two nights of use. After two weeks, her hair looks noticeably softer, and she says it's "way more manageable."

TikTok content

View on TikTok

It sure looks like a hyaluronic acid serum indicated for skin could be a boon for hair. But can hyaluronic acid serum really moisturize hair? Yes and no.

"Hyaluronic acid is a humectant, and rather than moisturizing hair, it works by drawing moisture in from the environment," says Connecticut-based board-certified dermatologist Deanne Mraz Robinson. "When applied to damp hair, HA can hold approximately 1,000 times its weight in water."

And The Ordinary's Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 especially may make quite a bit of sense for hair. "It uses a combination of hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid crosspolymer, and B5, which does make sense for hair treatment," says cosmetic chemist Ginger King, who explains that the hyaluronic acid crosspolymer is a film former to seal in moisture. 

Best Hyaluronic Acid Serums 2021: The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 on a white background

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

$7Shop Now

Mraz Robinson suggests applying the HA serum to your scalp as a treatment so it can soothe and nourish dry skin. "Then brush your hair, spreading the serum down the hair shaft to the ends," she advises. "Leave it on for a few minutes — or if you're super dry, overnight — and then wash your hair as normal."

But don't toss your hair oil. Instead, Mraz Robinson says, use your favorite jojoba- or argan-based hair oil after the hyaluronic acid serum to retain more moisture, seal the cuticle, and fight frizz.

The Best New Makeup Products Hitting Shelves in September

Best New Makeup Products and Beauty Products of September 2021 Shop Now  Olive  June Rose Inc. Oribe

Clara Hendler / Allure

With new makeup dropping at dizzying rates, we've taken it upon ourselves to make it easier for you to sort through the latest lipsticks, foundations, eye shadows, the hottest (and sometimes unexpected) collaborations, and even the advent of the next, big celebrity-backed brand. We're not exaggerating when we say Allure editors eagerly pore over every single launch to find the standouts each month. Although we're partial to our particular favorites, there's something new and shiny for everyone. It might take a little digging, but the resulting treasure is totally worth it.

If you're like us, your heart rate probably spikes whenever you discover a new makeup category, improved formula on an old classic, or real strides towards sustainability being made. In 2021 alone, we're seeing product categories like skin tints, cream blushes and bronzers, colorful liners, and brow waxes explode in popularity. It's enough to make anyone consider an overhaul of their makeup collection to make room for new goodies — or to add a select few to their rotations and jazz up their everyday look. As the world slowly opens back up, don these products for a day in the office or for a night out with friends. After over a year of staying indoors, quite literally anything goes.

Just as we always do with hair and skin care, we're sharing the best new makeup dropping in September that we recommend adding to your cart. As the colder months peek at us from around the corner, it might be time to refresh your beauty routine and experiment with all of the newness that's available at your fingertips. And if you need more makeup inspiration, you can always check out last month's launches that are equally as fresh and exciting.

Be sure to check back weekly for new makeup launches that are dropping this month. (Trust us, you don't want to miss out.)

All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe

The Everygirl’s product selections are curated by the editorial team. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. We only recommend products we genuinely love.

Source: Crystalin Da Silva

Mastering personal style and curating a closet that resembles it are things that even the most well-trained eyes can take years to master. While there’s no one answer for feeling like you have your style completely under your belt, one approach to wardrobe building can provide a shortcut to getting there: building a capsule wardrobe.


The Best Labor Day Sales to Shop This Weekend

so many amazing deals 🛍️

Approaching shopping with a capsule wardrobe in mind has the power to take you from spontaneously buying pieces that you never reach for and helps ensure that every single thing hanging in your closet is something that’s a core part of your clothing rotation. It’s a mindset switch that makes getting dressed and feeling confident a daily occurrence because the items of clothing you own have a purpose—and countless ways you can style them.

Ready to start your capsule wardrobe journey? Look no further. Here’s everything you need to know about getting started on your own and never saying “I have nothing to wear today” again.



What is a capsule wardrobe?

The simple definition is that it’s a curated wardrobe made up of versatile pieces that you love to wear. 

A capsule wardrobe consists of a set of tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, shoes, and accessories that can be easily mixed and matched together to be dressed up, down, and anywhere in between. It means your closet has less trendy pieces that will only be worn for one season and more high-quality ones that stand the test of time and can be worn for years to come.

Once you master a starter capsule wardrobe, it can be curated and swapped from season to season. It makes it easy to pack up and take out clothes for the appropriate season because every time you pull them out, they’re just as in style as they were at the time you bought them.


Why we love it

All too often, we buy fun new clothes for the season we’re in but find ourselves turning to old tried-and-true favorites. It made us wonder: Why keep a closet full of things you don’t love?

As shoppers, we’ve been conditioned to want more and to keep buying every time the weather changes. But the key to a versatile wardrobe isn’t based on quantity, it’s based on quality and versatility. The goal is to avoid a section of clothes in your closet that you don’t reach for because they’re ill-fitting or out of style.

A capsule wardrobe reserves your hard-earned coin for pieces that are going to get cost per wear and last you as long as you want them to. A super-trendy piece that you’re going to wear to one event then never wear again doesn’t have a place here. Instead, you want something that’s true to your style that you know you’ll probably reach for two years from now. You’ll have less clothing than you did before, but you’ll feel like you have much more.


How to start your own capsule wardrobe

The first step is to take a good, hard look at what you already own, and purge the rest. We don’t mean opening it and flippantly going through the hangers. We mean that you should take every single piece out of your closet, then evaluate if it should go back in.

Then, sort each item into one of four piles:

  1. I love it and would wear it tomorrow: These pieces fit your body, your lifestyle, and you’re happy wearing them. Put these back first.
  2. Maybe: These pieces might not fit perfectly, have sentimental value, or you just can’t put your finger on why you don’t wear it more. (If you haven’t reached for it more than once, it belongs in this pile too). Put all of these items in a box and store it in a place that’s easily accessible. If you find yourself reaching for an item, put it back in your closet after; if you haven’t reached for it by the end of the season, keep it in the box to take to donate. This is noncommittal (for now) and allows you to change your mind later.
  3. Hard no: Whether it’s because it doesn’t fit or you just decided you don’t like it, pack these pieces up to donate them.
  4. Seasonal: There’s no need to keep a cashmere sweater next to your summer tank tops. Move all of your seasonal pieces into a storage location that will be easy for you to swap out once the time is right.

Now, look at what’s left in your closet and evaluate what your personal style is and what holes you have. Maybe you’re completely set on jeans but could use a new jacket for fall. Now that you have a clear vision of what you’ll be able to pair that jacket with, you’ll make a better selection for what fits your closet. This doesn’t mean you have to completely forego trend pieces and forever live wearing button-ups and jeans—it just means that when you do purchase trendier pieces, you know that they’ll have a place in your wardrobe and that they’ll get wear.


white tee / white tee (plus-size)
tank bodysuit / tank bodysuit (plus-size)
graphic tee / graphic tee (plus-size)
crewneck sweater / crewneck sweater (plus-size)
eyelet lace top / eyelet lace top (plus-size)
puff-sleeved button-up / puff-sleeve button-up (plus-size)
shirt dress / shirt dress (plus-size)
jersey dress / jersey dress (plus-size)
linen dress / linen dress (plus-size)
faux-leather leggings / faux-leather leggings (plus-size)
straight jeans / straight jeans (plus-size)
classic trousers / trousers (plus-size)
denim shorts / denim shorts (plus-size)
leather jacket / leather jacket (plus-size)
shirt jacket / shirt jacket (plus-size)
white sneakers
slide sandals
leather tote
baguette bag


How to make it work

The absolute key to making your capsule wardrobe work is to make sure that the pieces you have are versatile. This means that they can be paired with different pieces to make up completely different looks that are appropriate for any event or occasion that might come your way. These are some ways we’d make our starter capsule work:


Out to lunch

There’s nothing as timelessly classic as a white button-up, and the beauty of it is that it can be styled countless ways in your wardrobe. Here, it’s made casual by pairing it with a distressed pair of jeans, sneakers, and a shoulder bag. The limit on how many times you could wear this outfit? It doesn’t exist.


On a date

Ditch the stress of trying to figure out what to wear to a date by having a go-to dress that you can turn to time and time again. This black midi dress is the perfect one to have on deck.


To run errands

Your wardrobe needs to account for the laid-back days where you need to head out of the house but don’t need to throw on a full-blown look. A graphic tee and good pair of denim shorts can be combined for the perfect day-off look, complete with sneakers and a carry-all tote.



To the office

The perfect capsule wardrobe has pieces that can be worn to a variety of events a variety of different ways, including to the office. These trousers are perfect for the office but can be worn outside of it too when paired with a T-shirt instead of a blouse.



Out for drinks

You can never go wrong with a leather jacket, especially when paired with a casual look for a night out. Jeans, a tee, and a leather jacket is a classic combination that you can keep in your back pocket any time you need to pull together a solid look.



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How to stick with it

You’ll find that as time goes on, you probably will need different pieces for different seasons of life, both literally and figuratively. The end goal is to have a capsule you can swap out each season or two smaller capsules that you need in your rotation (like one for the office and one for everyday life).

The swap to a capsule wardrobe doesn’t happen overnight. It’s going to require more thought, less impulse purchases, and just a little bit more strategy. But over time, your closet will turn into something that represents you, no matter what you pull out of it.

As the new season approaches, start looking for holes and what you might want. Maybe you decide you’re going to buy a new accessory to pair with your basics or that a new pair of casual shoes will help you make the most of what you have. Approach your purchasing with strategy, thought, and longevity in mind, and over time, your capsule wardrobe will save you both money and frustration getting dressed.

Once your base is mastered, you can develop your capsule wardrobes for different seasons and circumstances, which we’ve already done the heavy-lifting for.


The Everygirl’s 2021 Travel Capsule Wardrobe


The Everygirl’s Summer 2021 Capsule Wardrobe


The Everygirl’s Accessory Capsule Wardrobe


The Everygirl’s Fall 2020 Capsule Wardrobe



The Everygirl’s 2021 Fall Bucket List

Source: @tourdelust

That’s right, our fall bucket list is officially here, which means it’s time to swap your iced coffee for spicy lattes and your crop tops for blazers. Fall is by far my favorite season: I prefer cozy knit over cut-off shorts, would drink a hot toddy over a spicy margarita any day, and my birthday falls at the end of September (shout out to my fellow Libras!). Maybe it was the fact that my birthday meant presents or that I never understood how the leaves changed colors, but fall has always been the most magical time of the year to me. Even though I am now (kind of) grown up and no longer dress up as a Disney princess every Halloween, fall is still just as magical. As a self-titled (and proud) cheug, you bet I’m drinking nothing but PSLs and forgoing all other shoes that are not Uggs through the entire season. 


The Best Labor Day Sales to Shop This Weekend

so many amazing deals 🛍️

To celebrate a season that always feels special, we’ve put together our annual fall bucket list that’s full of activities to bring you and your crew closer, help you become your best self, and make the most of what the season has to offer. Grab your scarves, throw some apple cider on the stove, and get ready to check items off of our 2021 Fall Bucket List. 


Give your home a cozy makeover

Your home needs to change with the seasons, just like your wardrobe. Start by trading out your summer linens for warmer sheets, cozy throws, and an extra quilt or down comforter. Also, try incorporating more candles (the more, the merrier!), adding cinnamon oil to your essential oil diffuser, and getting a fuzzy rug or throw pillows. For more inspo, check out 15 essential decor items, fall decor you can score on Amazon, or our favorite items on Etsy to decorate for both fall and Halloween. And if you want to decorate your front porch so your neighbors also get a little extra dose of seasonal cheer? You know what to do: Lay out the themed doormat, stock up on pumpkin decor, and get a dried floral wreath in seasonal colors like burnt orange and golden yellow.


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Make a new fall drink

In years past, we might have recommended DIYing your own PSL (we love you Starbucks, but we could really put that extra $4.25 toward our sweater budgets). While we’re still huge fans of pumpkin spice, it’s time some other fall flavors get in the spotlight. Whether your drink of choice is homemade apple cider or you’re a fan of hot cocoa with cinnamon and nutmeg, test out warming and comforting drink recipes using all the flavors of the season. For recipe ideas, click here. Who knows, you just might find a new drink that’s even more satisfying than classic pumpkin spice (but we also won’t judge if you can’t quit your PSL obsession because same). 


Have a fall-inspired movie marathon

Sound the alarm and call the Sanderson Sisters—it’s spooky season! Get in the spirit by playing your favorite scary movies back to back (yes, Halloweentown 2 counts). Don’t forget to grab a bowl of popcorn (sprinkled with pumpkin spice seasoning, naturally) and light your favorite fall candle (as long as it’s not the black flame candle. I still have nightmares). If you’re like me and scary movies are more torture than fun, watch some of our favorite non-scary fall movies like When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail or Dead Poet’s Society. Nothing gets me in the mood for autumn quite like Meg Ryan in black tights and a chunky knit. 


Take your workout outdoors

Whether you’re in a LTR with your treadmill or a devoted yogi, consider taking your workout outdoors. The changing leaves and crisp air (no more coming home drenched in sweat!) is too good to go to waste, and that includes your exercise time. Enjoy the gorgeous views and refreshing air on your morning jog or do a few sun salutations in your yard or local park (imagine the sound of crunching leaves when you go into cobra position. #satisfying). No matter what your preferred workout is, aim to take it outside at least once a week (but don’t forget a sweatshirt and hat when it get’s colder). Bonus: Exercising in cold weather might have some additional health benefits (as if the #views weren’t enough).


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Invest in the perfect cozy sweater

Sweaters are undoubtedly the fashion item of fall. You wear them indoors and outdoors, they work with loungewear or stylish OOTDs, and you don’t want to wear anything else as soon as the temperatures start to drop. While we’re huge fans of affordable basics (and have piles of under-$20 sweaters in our closets to prove it), there’s nothing like investing in a high quality fabric like cashmere that you’ll want to live in. This season, invest in the perfect sweater in the shape, fit, color, and fabric that you won’t want to take off. Trust me, the right one will last you for years (and make sure you read this to know how to care for said investment). 


Eat seasonally

PSA: There’s more to fall produce than pumpkins. This season, load your fridge with produce like apples, green beans, kale, sweet potatoes, beets, chard, figs, and radishes. Get creative trying new recipes (roasting beets are easier than you think!), or add some of the ingredients to your favorite go-to recipes to dress them up for autumn (grilled cheese with apples and figs, anyone?). Also, look beyond the fruit and veggie aisle to find more flavors and spices that taste like fall, like cinnamon, sage, and nutmeg. Bonus festive points for shopping at your local Farmer’s Market, where you’ll find an array of the fruits and veggies that are in season near you.


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Start a spooky book club

We love a horror movie as much as the next basic b*tch in fall, but there’s something about a good page-turner that’s even more chilling. Gather your friends for a spooky book club to challenge yourselves to read more (especially since you’ll be spending more time indoors) and to discuss the scariest thrillers or classic Halloween novels (Frankenstein, anyone?). Also, check out these atmospheric books that just feel like fall. Bonus points: DIY your own cozy reading nook for the season by designating your comfiest chair or corner of a couch as your special space. Keep a throw blanket, candle, and a coaster (for a warm cup of tea, of course!) nearby.


Change up your beauty routine

Just like how tans, lighter highlights, and extra SPF might be additions to your skincare routine come summer, cold weather requires adjustments to your beauty routine too. Avoid dry and scaly skin, dull complexion, and chapped lips when temperatures start to drop with a few key swaps. Try adding in a heavier moisturizer or overnight mask, replacing powder makeup with cream versions, and having an on-the-go mist, balm, or oil ready for emergencies. Likewise, use less dry shampoo and increase deep conditioning treatments to keep your locks lush as the weather gets colder. To step it up a notch, add a fall beauty trend to your routine, whether it’s a dark lip or an of-the-moment hair trend. 


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Plan a fall-themed date

You know what I’m talking about! Get cozy with blankets and apple cider to watch a spooky movie, rake leaf piles and then kiss in them (IDK, I’ve seen it in movies?), or check out the coziest coffee shop in your town before heading to a book store. No matter what your ideal fall date looks like, autumn is arguably the most romantic season, and you should make the most of it (Hot take: Cozy sweaters are sexier than a bathing suit. There, I said it). Whether it’s a new date you met on Hinge, the person you just went Facebook-official with, or your spouse you’ve been married to for years, don’t be afraid to get #extra and plan the fall date of your dreams (and yes, cozy sweaters are required). 


Make your favorite fall recipe from your childhood

Nothing screams fall quite like the smell of chili on the stove or a delicious pumpkin bread in the oven. Revisit your childhood by making your favorite autumn foods from when you were a kid, whether it’s a delicious apple pie like your mom used to make, roasted pumpkin seeds (as easy to make as they are tasty), or classic apple butter. Cook with the flavors of the season and indulge in the tastes that bring you back to the memories of jumping in leaf piles as a kid. If you need some inspo, check out our favorite fall recipes, recipes with pumpkins, recipes with apples, or some delicious sweet treats if baking is more your style. 


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Stock up on your favorite fall candle

Yes, there’s something about a pumpkin spice candle that just hits different; a fall candle transforms any space or movie marathon into an autumn oasis. So if you can’t get enough of all things pumpkin, you go girl. But just like with produce, there’s a lot more to fall than pumpkin. Many other scents are basically invented for cool evenings spent curled up on the couch or baking apple pie with the people you love. Try a variety of candles with notes like fig, vanilla, woodsy tones, leather, or sandalwood. No matter your scent preferences, find the fall candle that you like best and stock up on it because you’re going to want to light it every day. To find your ideal scent, check out our complete guide to the best fall candles. 


Have a fall picnic

Why should summer get all the fun? Picnics are not just a hot weather activity. In fact, I’d make an argument that fall is the optimal time to grab your friends or significant other and have a picnic. Picture this: The leaves are orange and red, you’re cuddling up in cozy sweaters and layers of blankets, and there’s a tasty spread of butternut squash pasta and pumpkin cookies in front of you as you sip on hot toddies. In other words, you’re living out a scene from a classic fall rom-com. Whether you bring a blanket and some apple cider in travel mugs to your local park or go all out with a picnic basket of seasonal foods and cozy layers to keep you warm, plan a picnic to enjoy all the views that autumn has to offer. 



5 Outdoor Activities You Should Be Doing This Fall



I Tried Skin Care Guru Sunday Riley’s First Sunscreen

Sunday Riley Light Hearted Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen  Review

$35 at Sephora


  • What it is: A broad-spectrum sunscreen with a pink tint and antioxidant protection
  • What it does: Provides serious sun protection without looking chalky
  • Who it’s for: Anyone looking for a daily sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen shouldn’t be complicated—or chalky. Sunday Riley gets it right with its first ever sunscreen, Sunday Riley Light Hearted Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen. The broad-spectrum formula has a pink tint coming out of the bottle, but it goes on sheer on my fair skin and on my colleagues with olive and deep skin tones too. What I love most about the brand’s first sunscreen (aside from its cheery, heart-themed tube) are the ingredients. It protects skin using both physical (zinc oxide) and chemical (octisalate, and octocrylene) sunscreens. (Different sunscreen ingredients work in different ways so it’s nice to have a mix in one bottle. Chemical sunscreens protect from UV rays by absorbing them with chemical ingredients, while physical blockers form a physical barrier between UV rays and the skin.) Light Hearted is also fortified with turmeric extract, which is antioxidant and so it further protects skin from the sun by helping to minimize free radical damage. Turmeric extract is also anti-inflammatory and, together with safflower seed oil, it allows this formula to soothe as it protects.

I have sensitive skin and so I love how Light Hearted Sunscreen helps tame the underlying redness I often experience — and that gives me even more reason to reapply it throughout the day. (The golden rule of skin care: Protect your skin from the sun year round using a broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher daily, applied as the last step in your skincare routine.)

You can find a full size bottle of Sunday Riley Light Hearted Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen in this month’s Allure Beauty Box. Subscribe now, and get $165 of luxury beauty products for $23.

The September Allure Beauty Box contains our favorite finds for a fall beauty refresh: a beloved K-Beauty moisturizer (Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb or Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb), a buzzy bakuchiol serum (Acure Radically Rejuvenating Dual Phase Bakuchiol Serum), and more.

Sunday Riley Light Hearted Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen

Sunday Riley Light Hearted Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen

$35 at Sephora

All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Scalp Care Reigns Among These Exciting New September Hair Launches

10 New HairCare Products to Try in September 2021  Reviews Shop

Allure/Clara Hendler

September generally signals the start of many transitions — hair included. Summer may have done a number on your color, moisture, and overall hair health, but luckily there are always new hair innovations brewing to help whip things back into shape. Or, if you're looking for a seasonal switch-up, there are plenty of options for that, too.

This month's offerings run the styling and hair-care gamut — with a heavy focus on scalp care. Fans of the original Wet Brush, which has won Best of Beauty awards, just launched a scalp massager that will for sure elevate your washday. There's also an exciting addition to Dyson's hot tool lineup that will transform your at-home blowout. Plus, sun-scorched (or generally dry) hair will benefit from Philip Kingsley's latest treatment. 

Throughout the month we'll be sharing details on other new product launches, including two options for color-treated hair that you can use right in your bathroom. For now, keep scrolling to see the rest of the best new hair-care products to snap up in September.

Be sure to check back weekly for new hair-care launches that are dropping this month. (Trust us, you don't want to miss out.)

All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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